Although the R&D technology of the car is already relatively strong, some parts and components are still inevitably replaced. Take the car's fuses, the circuit of the general vehicle has gone through a very detailed experiment at the factory or even at the beginning of the design. It should be no problem, but why does the vehicle fuse break down? Some industry insiders have investigated this issue and consulted with some maintenance experts and conversion experts. The conclusions are as follows:

There are two main reasons why automotive fuses are broken in the market today. One is that the electrical load is too large; the other is a short circuit in the car circuit.

The main reasons for the excessive use of electrical appliances are: headlamps, car audio equipment, poor-quality cigarette lighter adapters, and high-power appliances connected to cigarette lighters. Therefore, here to remind owners to change the car circuit, should understand the power and * load of the car's original electrical appliances in advance, such as the headlamp wattage of the modified headlight is higher than the original factory settings, it may cause the fuse of the headlights to break.

If the car's appliance has not been modified and there is a broken fuse, you need to check whether the car's circuit is short-circuited. In the daily maintenance, not flushing the engine compartment directly with hoses is a good habit to avoid short-circuiting of the fuse box and the line; in addition, it can be observed by visual observation whether there is a wire short-circuited due to the aging of the wire rubber aging; in addition, when carrying out cleaning in the vehicle, it should also be Take care not to touch the wires buried in the floor.

Another thing to note is that do not press the glass for a long time, otherwise it will cause the fuse to break. Especially in the winter, some car owners may have forgotten to replace the glass water with anti-freeze function. However, when glass water was sprayed in the morning, it was found that the water was not sprayed but was always pressed by the glass water switch. The water pump fuse that controls the glass water spray will be broken due to overheating, and the water pump will be burned when serious. If you encounter such a situation that the switch does not spray water, you do not worry to continue to press the water spray switch, you should get off to check whether the glass water is frozen, or to see if the nozzle is blocked. The fuse damage problem can be very large or small, so owners should pay attention to using the car at ordinary times, and try hard to modify some of the equipment with larger loads.

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