The snap-type thermostat is one of the thermostats. According to the temperature change of the working environment, a physical deformation occurs inside the switch, thereby generating certain special effects and generating a series of automatic control elements that act on or off.

Installation and use instructions:

1. Grounding method: Connect the thermostat metal cover to the equipment grounding metal parts.

2. The thermostat shall be operated in a general indoor environment where the relative humidity of air is not more than 90%, corrosive gas, flammable gas and conductive dust are present.

3. When the thermostat adopts contact-sensitive temperature, the cover should be tightly placed on the heat-generating part of the controlled device, and thermal grease on the surface of the cover should be coated with thermal grease or other similar heat-conducting medium.

4. When the temperature controller touches the liquid or steam to sense the temperature, it is recommended that the product be covered with stainless steel, and there should be reliable leakage prevention measures to prevent the liquid from penetrating into the insulating part of the thermostat.

5. Do not collapse or deform the top of the lid to prevent the operating temperature from changing or affecting other properties.

6. Do not let the liquid penetrate inside the thermostat! The housing must avoid excessive force to prevent cracking; the housing should be kept clean to prevent contamination of the conductive material to prevent short circuit breakdown due to reduced insulation.

7. The terminal can not be bent during use, otherwise it will affect the reliability of the electrical connection.

8, the power supply does not exceed the declared voltage, current, load power and type meet the declared requirements, the ambient temperature can not exceed the declared maximum allowable temperature.

Precautions (KSD301 manual reset): After the temperature rise suddenly jumps, after the temperature drops by 20°C, press the reset handle and use a force of 4~6 Newton instead. In order to ensure that the thermostat can work normally, the vertical distance from the end of the reset handle to the temperature of the cover should be no less than 20.4mm.