Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, fuses are used in all aspects of people. The correct choice of fuses is related to the personal and property safety of users! How to use the correct fuse?

1. If you choose a fuse, you first need to consider the safety certification of your product's used fuse, then choose his shape and size, rated voltage (usually 250V), breaking capacity (fast or slow fuse), so that you can initially Choose a model.

2. Then select the fuse's rated current limit and current limit based on your line, so that you can determine the specific model and current,

3, then select the fuse to test, choose the most suitable one. Fuses, also known as fuses, are made of alloys with a low melting point. When an overload or short-circuit fault occurs in a household appliance, the current of the line increases, so that the fuse is quickly heated to the melting point and melted, and the power is turned off in time to achieve the purpose of protecting the line and the electric appliance. The fuses in the household watt-hour meter should be estimated based on the total electricity consumption in the home. For example, in a home, there are four 25-watt electric bulbs, one 60-watt color TV, one 80-watt electric fan, and one 90-watt electric refrigerator. At the same time, the total power consumption at startup is 330 watts. The working current of the circuit is 1.5 amps. Should use 2A fuses.

Here are some general principles to choose from: First, match the overload capacity of the protected object so that the protected object can be reliably protected in the entire range. The level of blackout should be prevented, and the range of blackouts should be expanded. Coordination should be coordinated between all levels of protection. When a fault occurs, the lower fuses first. In the distribution system with short circuit current and high failure rate, it is preferred to install and disassemble the equipment conveniently. In distribution systems with large short-circuit currents, fuses with high segmentation capability should be used, and if necessary, current limiting can be used. A single direct start motor, melt rated current of 1.5 ~ 2.5 times the motor rated current. When using the fuse, the user must pay close attention to the operation of the fuse so that when the circuit fails, the cause can be found in time and the fuse can be replaced to ensure the safety of life and property!

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