According to the points of protection, it can be divided into: over-current protection and over-temperature protection. The fuse used for over-current protection is the fuse (also called limiting fuse) that is usually said. Fuses for overheat protection are commonly referred to as "temperature fuses." The temperature fuse is divided into low melting point alloy shape and temperature trigger shape and memory alloy shape and so on. (The temperature fuse protects against the overheating of the heat-generating or easily-heating electric appliance. It responds to the increase in the temperature rise of the electric appliance and does not care about the operating current of the circuit. Its operating principle is different from the "current limiting fuse". .)

According to the use of points, can be divided into: power fuses, machine fuses, electrical instrument fuses (electronic fuses), automotive fuses.

According to the volume, can be divided into: large, medium, small and micro. According to the rated voltage, it can be divided into: high-voltage fuse, low-voltage fuse and safety voltage fuse.

According to the breaking capacity, can be divided into: high and low breaking capacity fuse.

Divided by shape, can be divided into: flat tubular fuse (can be divided into inner and outer welding fuses), tip tubular fuse, guillotine fuse, spiral fuse, insert fuse, flat fuse, wrap type Fuses, chip fuses.

According to the material points, it can be divided into: glass insurance tube, ceramic insurance tube.

According to the breakdown speed, can be divided into: special slow fuse (usually with TT), slow fuse (usually with T), medium-speed fuse (usually with M), fast fuse (usually with F), special Fast fuse (usually represented by FF).

According to the standard points, it can be divided into: European standard fuse (VDE), American standard fuse (UL), and Japanese standard fuse (PSE).

According to the type, it can be divided into: current (SMD fuse, micro fuse, insert fuse, tubular fuse), temperature fuse (RH [block type], RP [resistance type], RY [metal shell]), resettable fuse (inserts, laminations, patches)

According to the size can be divided into: patch type 0603,0805,1206,1210,1812,2016,2920; non-patch type Φ2.4×7, Φ3×7, Φ3.6×10, Φ4.5×15, Φ5 .0x20, Φ5.16x20, Φ6x25, Φ6x30, Φ6x32, Φ8.5x8, Φ8.5x8x4, Φ10x38, Φ14x51.